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The mountains, islands, and peninsulas of Greece divided its ancient civilization into
Greece is the birthplace of a government where the power lies with the people. This is better known as
Democracy is created by this city-state
This city-state's culture was centered entirely around war
This ancient poet created famous stories such as Iliad and Odyssey
Greece had a unique style of fighting which had its soldiers fight side by side holding shields and spears, rather than as individuals. This fighting formations was called the
The series of conflicts between Greece and Persia were known as
In this famous battle against Persia, an outnumbered group of Greek soldiers held off a much larger Persian force at a narrow pass, slowing the Persian invasion
The time period from 477 BC to 431 BC where Athens experienced a growth in learning and culture is known as the
During this time period, Athens was ruled by a wise and fair ruler named
Greek art and philosophy reflected the idea that people focus on the abilities and achievements of humans, rather than giving all credit to the gods. This idea, which also is seen
The Greeks created an athletic competition between city-states known as the
The father of Greek philosophy is
The father of Greek philosophy had a famous student who wrote books such as The Republic. This man is known as
The writer of The Republic taught another famous philosopher who created an early scientific method. This philosopher was known as
In 336 BC, a 20 year old became leader of Macedonia and proceeded to conquer from Greece to India. This man was known as
While conquering from Greece to India, cultures were combined along the way. The resulting culture was known as
The formation of this culture is an example of
While conquering all of this land, the leader also named over 30 cities after himself, the most famous of which is in Northern Egypt. These cities were called

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