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Forced Order
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The two main superpowers in the world after World War Two were the United States and the
The Soviet Union's form of economic system was known as
The United States' policy of preventing the spread of communism to new nations after World War Two was known as
Winston Churchill said that half of Europe was covered by an '_______ __________,' meaning the continent was split by capitalism and communism
This was a group of countries formed in 1945 whose goal was to maintain peace throughout the world. It was meant to be an improvement on the League of Nations
This was the term given to countries like Poland and Hungary that once were independent but had been taken over by the Soviet Union
This was the name of the plan by the United States to provide economic aid to countries after World War Two
The United States and ten European countries formed this alliance that guaranteed mutual defense in 1946
The Soviet Union and eight other countries formed this alliance that guaranteed mutual defense in 1946
This city was split in half by a wall, then blockaded by the Soviets, forcing the United States and England to provide them with supplies through an airlift in 1948
Communists in China were led by this man
Unlike in the Soviet Union, where the first supporters of communism were workers, most of the early supporters of communism in China were made up of this group
The combining of small private farms into large collectives, or public farms, is known as this
Mao's failed plan to industrialize China by having workers focus on things like making steel in their backyards was known as this
Mao was succeeded by _____ _____________, who worked to modernize China and fix its economy by allowing elements of capitalism
In 1989, Chinese students famously protested for democratic reforms in this location in Beijing before the Chinese army killed hundreds of them
Theory that if one country falls to communism, its neighbors will soon fall, as well
The United Nations was forced into action in this war in 1950, when communists backed by the USSR invaded capitalist-controlled areas
This man was the communist leader of Vietnam
This satellite was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957 and sparked the Space Race between the Soviet Union and the United States
This was the phrase that was used to describe the idea that if one country used its nuclear weapons, the other country would retaliate with theirs
In this event, the Soviet Union attempted to place missile launchers within 100 miles of the United States border before the United States forced them to stop
In 1956, this Soviet satellite state revolted, demonstrating that many people in the Soviet Union were not happy with communism
In 1982, this man took charge in the Soviet Union and instituted reforms like glasnost and perestroika
In 1980, the Solidarity movement in Poland, led by _______ _________, began working for democratic reforms
In 1989, this symbol of communism and the Cold War was famously torn down, signifying the end of the Cold War

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