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QUIZ: Can you name the common trees of the US?

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Scientific NameCommon Tree NameFamily
Carya illinoensisJuglandaceae
Quercus albaFagaceae
Abies balsameaPinaceae
Fagus grandifoliaFagaceae
Acer saccharinumAceraceae
Sequoia sempervirensTaxodiaceae
Liquidmbar styracifluaHamamelidaceae
Fraxinus pennsylvanicaOleaceae
Betula papyriferaBetulaceae
Liriodendron tulipiferaMagnoliaceae
Quercus rubraFagaceae
Populus tremuloidesSalicaceae
Cercis canadensisLeguminosae
Gleditsia triacanthosLeguminosae
Scientific NameCommon Tree NameFamily
Juglans nigraJuglandaceae
Platanus occidentalisPlatanaceae
Aesculus glabraHippocastanaceae
Prunus serotinaRosaceae
Cornus floridaCornaceae
Pinus virginianaPinaceae
Quercus palustrisFagaceae
Acer saccharumAceraceae
Sassafras albidumLauraceae
Picea pungensPinaceae
Quercus velutinaFagaceae
Pinus ponderosaPinaceae
Sequoiadendron giganteumTaxodiaceae

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