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Can you name the four-letter words in this tribute to the great Bobby Womack?

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Hint4-letter word
*Number of brothers Bobby sang with in the Valentinos*
Not sweet
*Style of music*
Baseball hit for a strike
What you can do to some of the people, some of the time
A hammer, for example
Cost to cross
*Member of the Rock & ___ Hall of Fame*
Anthropomorphic plaything
Computer manufacturer, dude!
Norman of Three's Company
*#2 R&B hit: 'That's The Way I ____ About Cha'*
Three to a yard
Actress Amanda ____
*Bobby's nickname and #1 R&B album title: 'The ___'*
Multiple Edgar Allens?
Mavis's dad
*Played guitar on 'The Letter' by the Box ____'*
Cuts off
Move with a bounding stride
*Duet with Patti LaBelle: '____ Has Finally Come At Last' (#3 R&B)*
*#3 R&B hit quoted by Mariah Carey: 'If You Think You're ____ly Now'*
Bowler's domain
Hint4-letter word
*Duet partner for 'Dayglo Reflection': ___ Del Rey*
Hot rocks
To clean
*#1 R&B hit: 'Woman's Gotta ____ It'*
Tortoise victim
*#26 R&B hit: 'Where Do We Go From ____'*
Mrs. Zeus
Balkan dance
*Biggest hit: 'Lookin' ___ _ Love' (#1 R&B, #10 Pop) - two words*
Golfer's warning
*JT cover: '____ and Rain'*
Taylor's deputy
*Three months after Sam Cooke's death, his widow became Bobby's ____'*
*Album: 'Facts of ____' (#6 R&B)*
TV classic 'What's My ____?'
Not yours
*Played guitar on Elvis's last #1 song: 'Suspicious ___s'*
Tie up
*At 16, joined Sam Cooke's ____*
*Just before her death, Janis Joplin wrote 'Mercedes ____' while riding in Bobby's car and recorded it with him that afternoon*
1980 Broadway play
Hint4-letter word
*Todd Rundgren collaboration: 'For ____ Of A Nail'*
*Lyric following 'If You Think ...' song title: '____ until tonight, girl'*
Move in waves
Gangster actor George
*Wrote, played, and sang on classic Sly & The Family Stone album 'There's A ____ Goin' On'*
6, to 36
*#16 R&B hit: 'Fly Me To The ____'*
Chimney sweep hazard
*What first wife did to Bobby, after finding him with her daughter*
One from Edinburgh
To sing like Satchmo
Quickly peruse
*Bobby classic and #4 R&B hit for New Birth: '_ ___ Understand It' (2 words)*
*What Bobby will always be, to many*
Springsteen song: '__ __ Fire' (2 words)
*Aretha Franklin hit written by Bobby: '__ __ Love' (2 words)*
Multiple Mrs. David Bowie's?
Easy Bake toy
*Title of Rolling Stones' first UK #1, written by Bobby, and current sad state of affairs: 'It's All ____ Now'*

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