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Can you name the (a) thing from each category?

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*Team name ONLY
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Day of the Week!
Star Wars Movie!
Snow White Dwarf!
Chronicles of Narnia Book!
Way to Reach First Base!
Santa's Reindeer!
Signs of the Zodiac!
Greek Olympian (God)!
NHL Original 6 Team!
Arctic Circle Country!
New Testament Gospel!
Month of the Year!
California Big 4 Team!*
Original American Colony!
Pixar Movie!
3 Letter Body Part!
Ivy League School!
Harry Potter Book!
Big Mac Ingredient!
U.N. Official Language!
U.S. Federal Holiday!
Deadly Sin!
Chess Piece!
Rainbow Color!
Solar System Planet!
600 HR Club Member!
South American Country!
Noble Gas!
Part of Speech!
Borough of New York City!

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