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Can you name the words in these two mini 2 letter Word Ladders?

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Begins with a Vowel
(Noun) Torso muscle 
(Noun) Public Announcement of Sale 
(Contraction) I Would 
(Conj.) Supposing That 
(Prep.) Concerning; Belonging To 
(Prep.) Supported By 
(Article) 'A' When Before a Vowel 
(Prep.) Within Boundaries 
(Verb) Form of 'To Be' 
(Adv.) To the Same Extent, Degree 
(Prep.) Near a Point, Place 
(Noun) Instrument For Chopping, etc. 
(Noun.) Adult Male of Genus 'Bos' 
(Conj.) Connects Words Representing Alternatives 
Begins with a Consonant
(Noun) Second Tone of Diatonic Scale 
(Pronoun) Most Recently Mentioned Male 
(Pronoun) 'I' as (In)Direct Object 
(Noun) Third Tone of Diatonic Scale 
(Noun) Greek Letter between 'Lambda' and 'Nu' 
(Noun) Mother 
(Noun) Father 
(Interj.) Exclamation Representative of Laughter 
(Interj.) Greeting 
(Noun) Seventh Tone of Diatonic Scale 
(Prep.) Shows Motion toward Point 
(Verb) Perform, Carry Out an Act 
(Adv.) In the Way Indicated 
(Adv.) Expresses Refusal to Request 

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