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Fill in the missing word relating to treasure.

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______ Beard the Pirate : (Infamous pirate)
treasure _____ : (place to keep treasure)
_______ Treasure : (movie)
Pirates of the _________ : (movie)
Fountain of ______ : (Mythical fountain that stops aging)
_____ dabloons : (not silver but...)
Flying _________ : (famous pirate ship)
Queen Anne's ________ : (famous pirate ship)
El _______ : (Translation: City of Gold)
Jack _______ : (Pirates of the Caribbean character)
Captain _____ : (Peter Pan pirate)
The Treasure of the _______ Templar : (Famous sacred medieval treasure)
Treasure of the ________ : (16th century Snake Island treasure)
Lost City of _________ : (Under water city)
____ Island : (Lost Nova-Scotia treasure)
Captain _____ : (16th century pirate's ship and treasure found off coast of Madagascar)
The Dutchman's _____ : (Mountain range in Arizona is home to this lost treasure)
______ Room : (18th century treasure constructed for Peter the Great)
Terra ______ Soldiers : (Chinese treasure buried during the reign of the first Emperor of China)
_____ Jones' Locker : (Pirate word for the bottom of the sea)
The ______ Family: (Name of family in my End of the World Creative Challenge)
The Ancient ______ gold: (What the characters were searching for in my ghost story)

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