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Inflammation of the esophagus
Condition of gallstones
Inflammation of the liver
Inflammation of the appendix
Soft V-shaped structure that extends from the soft palate, pharynx,throat-performs the swallowing action that passes food from the mouth into esophagus
Inflammation of the palate
Central portion of the stomach
Abnormal condition of having diverticula
Tumor of the liver
Seperates the nasal cavity from the oral cavity
Area around the opening of the esophagus
Distal portion of stomach
Inflammation of a diverticulum
Provides movement of food for mastication, directs food to the pharynx for swallowing, and is the major organ for taste and speech
Inflammation of the tongue
Inflammation of the stomach
Inflammation of the colon
Conditoin of stones in the common bile duct
Portion of the stomach that connects to the small intestine
Openingh through which food passes into the body
Inflammation of the gallbladder
Anterior portion, supported by bone
J-shaped sac that mixes and stores food
Proximal domed portion of the stomach
Tumor of the bile duct
10-inch tube that is a passagewayfor food extending from the pharynx to the stomach
Posterior portion, not supported by bone
Inflammation of the stomach and intestines

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