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Can you name the classic operas, each by a description of one of its principal characters?

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Character descriptionOperaCharacter described
Emotionally challenged monarch who dies of grief when her lover is tricked into dumping her
Emotionally challenged society lady who disposes of unwanted male attention with a lethal quiz
Emotionally challenged young girl whose fantasy lover turns out to be real, and she kills herself
Commander who inadvertently reveals his military plans to the enemy and is executed
Emotionally challenged young girl who strips to get a head
Showman full of bull who picks up a girl who is subsequently killed by her ex
Long-winded baritone whose illegitimate children ultimately cause his ruin
Character descriptionOperaCharacter described
Socialite who has a fling with a woman of loose morals until his dad tells him to get a life
Sexually harassed maid who intends to marry a former barber
Champion of unknown origin who spends much of his time swanning around
Seamstress with very cold hands
Innocent maiden who gets mixed up with the devil; principally known for her portrayal by Bianca Castafiore
Emotionally challenged monarch who tries to stop her daughter from marrying a prospective Mason
Personal grooming entrepreneur who provides dating consultation in his spare time

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