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Can you name the alma maters of the following NBA players?

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PlayerCollegeYears Played
Toby Bailey1999-2000
Maurice Baker2005
Vin Baker1994-2006
Renaldo Balkman2007-present
Marcus Banks2004-present
Jose Barea2007-present
Charles Barkley1985-2000
Erick Barkley2001-2002
Matt Barnes2004-present
Andre Barrett2005-2008
Earl Barron2006-present
Dana Barros1990-2004
Brent Barry1996-2009
Drew Barry1998-2000
Jon Barry1993-2006
Eddie Basden2006
Brandon Bass2006-present
Maceo Baston2003-2009
Mike Batiste2003
Tony Battie1998-present
Shane Battier2002-present
Lonny Baxter2003-2006
Jerryd Bayless2009-present
Jerome Beasley2004
Michael Beasley2009-present
Charlie Bell2002-present
Raja Bell2001-present
Troy Bell2004
Benoit Benjamin1986-2000
Corey Benjamin1999-2003
Mario Bennett1996-2000
David Benoit1992-2001
Travis Best1996-2005
PlayerCollegeYears Played
Mike Bibby1999-present
Chauncey Billups1998-present
Steve Blake2004-preent
Will Blalock2007
Mookie Blaylock1990-2002
Corie Blount1994-2004
Mark Blount2001-2009
Tony Bobbitt2005
Keith Bogans2004-present
Mugsy Bogues1998-2001
Andrew Bogut2006-present
Etdrick Bohannon1998-2001
Matt Bonner2005-present
Josh Boone2007-2010
Calvin Booth2000-2009
Carlos Boozer2003-present
Curtis Borchardt2004-2005
Chris Bosh2004-present
Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje2002-2004
Cal Bowdler2000-2002
Bruce Bowen1997-2009
Ryan Bowen2000-2010
Ira Bowman2000-2002
Earl Boykins1998-present
Cedric Bozeman2007
Michael Bradley2002-2006
Shawn Bradley1994-2005
Torraye Braggs2004-2005
A.J. Bramlett2000
Elton Brand2000-present
Terrell Brandon1992-2002
J.R. Bremer2003-2004
Corey Brewer2008-present
PlayerCollegeYears Played
Jamison Brewer2002-2005
Ronnie Brewer2007-present
Aaron Brooks2008-present
Andre Brown2007-2009
Bobby Brown2009-2010
Chucky Brown1990-2002
Damone Brown2002-2005
Dee Brown1991-2002
Dee Brown2007-2009
Devin Brown2003-2010
Ernest Brown2002
Kedrick Brown2002-2005
Marcus Brown1997-2000
P.J. Brown1994-2008
Randy Brown1992-2003
Shannon Brown2007-present
Tierre Brown2002-2005
Rick Brunson1998-2006
Mark Bryant1989-2003
Greg Buckner2000-2009
Jud Buechler1991-2002
Rodney Buford2000-2005
Matt Bullard1991-2002
Pat Burke2003-2007
Antonio Burks2005-2006
Kevin Burleson2006
Scott Burrell1994-2001
Caron Butler2003-present
Mitchell Butler1994-2004
Rasual Butler2003-present
Will Bynum2006-present

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