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She is sixteen years old and Jewish. She was raised by two gay fathers, and her biological mother is Shelby Corcoran
He is co-captain of the Glee Club, quarterback of the football team, and part of the basketball team at William McKinley High School
The teacher who took charge of the Glee Club after the previous teacher was fired
She was the president of the Celibacy Club and the Head Cheerleader of the Cheerios. She was pregnant with Noah Puckerman's child
He is Jewish and a member of both the Glee Club and the football team at William McKinley High School
The coach of the cheerios and wants to defeat the Glee Club and Mr. Shuester
She is known for her big vocals and has always been concerned about her body
He is a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers and a former member of New Directions, the Cheerios and the WMHS football team
When he was eight years old he was, he was in a car crash leaving him with a spinal cord injury and in a wheelchair. His dream is to be a dancer
Known for her Goth fashion sense. She pretended to have a stutter because when she was younger she did not want to give a presentation in front of her class.
She is a Cheerio and New Directions member. She is very popular and is one of the top Cheerios
He is known to be the best dancer in the Glee Club
She is a very popular cheerleader and was captain of the Cheerios
She joins the Cheerios because Sue feels sympathetic for her because she has an older sister with Down's syndrome
He is a new student, who has recently transferred from an all boys boarding school
He was the male lead and member of 'Vocal Adrenaline'
He is a student at Dalton Academy who is currently dating a member of New Directions.

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