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Thing that hit Lily in the eye causing her to wear an eye patch
The _______ theory gives a perfect balance between Marshall and Lily
Where did Ted, Marshall, and Lily go to college?
Barney's law that you can end a date if it's going nowhere
Name of Marshall's Car?
State where Marshall is from?
Where is Robin from?
Where is Ted from?
What is the name of the girl that Ted dumped twice on her birthday?
What do Ted and his father talk about when they have nothing to say?
Name of Ted's mom
Robin's pop star name
Wager in which the winner gets to slap the other
What was Lily's apartment turned into?
Name that Ted called Lily over Christmas causing her to leave
Name of the bar that the gang hangs out in
Ted's girlfriend that went to Germany
Name of the game that Marshall's family invented
Name of the energy drink that Ted and Marshall drink
Name of Ted's college girlfriend
Name that Robin's father calls her
Place where the possible and impossible meet
Name that everyone called Barney and he hated it
Name of the book with all of Barney's schemes
Bank that Barney works for
What does Barney say when someone asks him what he does for a living?
Name of the owner/bartender of Maclaren's
Name of the waitress at Maclaren's
Name of Barney's half brother
Name of Ted's Sister
Canadian Bar that Robin hangs out at
What did Ted think Zoey was when he first met her?
Celebrity that appeared in 'Best Burger in New York'
Name of the bar that Ted and Barney want to open
Marshall's dream job
Robin's first boyfriend in Canada
What does Ted do to cancel Robin's camping trip
Only song that plays in Marshall's car
7 women in 7 nights
Robin's favorite hockey team
Never, ever, ever ever 'love' thy neighbor is the __________ Rule
Women that left Ted at the altar
First rule of running a bar in 'Three days of Snow'
Name of the girl Ted pursues in 'The Window'
Name of Ted's Crazy religious cousin
Cab driver turned Limo driver
Actor that plays Ted
Actor that plays Marshall
Actress that plays Lily
Actress that plays Robin
Actor that plays Barney
Name of Robin's first pop hit in Canada
Main character in 'Wedding Bride'?
Who wrote the 'Wedding Bride'?
Who is the voice of the Narrator?
Displays hot to crazy ratio
Rabbit or _______
Barney's Doppelganger
Ted's Doppelganger
Marshall's Doppelganger
Robin's Doppelganger
Lily's Doppelganger
Who Zoey was married to before dating Ted
Name of Robin's boyfriend that she met in court mandated therapy (Therapist)
Name of the show that Robin is on that solves math problems
Name of Barney's play after he was forced to watch Lily's play
Who is the diagonal named after on the hot crazy scale
Ted's best friend from high school
Robin's boyfriend/co host
Why does Barney think that his girlfriend, Norah, is much older than she says she is?
Name of Ted's future wife (The Mother)
Robin's nemesis
Name of Victoria's German fiancee
Name of Marshall's travel companion from Minnesota to NY
Name of Ted's son
Name of Ted's daughter
What did Barney swallow that put him in the hospital in 'No Questions Asked'?
Country that Robin went to after her and Ted broke up
Name of the bartender that Lily tells to keep bringing her drinks in season 9
Amount of dogs that Robin has
City that is equivalent to a slap in the face
Place that Marshall slapped Barney for the last time

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