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Has the 'cleanest' capital
One third of world raspberries grown here
Prevents Czech Republic from bordering Hungary
Home of ABBA
'Has happy chocolate'
Largest European country in the 14th century
Has a bird on it's flag
55% of it's population speak Dutch
Features a map of the countries on the coat of arms but not the flag
Only baltic state to use the euro
Prince Philip born here
Uses the lats
Won the Eurovision Song Contest with Lordi
Former capital was Bonn
Capital was home of classical music
Has a sun on it's flag
Largest country completely within Europe
Island country split between 3 different 'countries'
Formerly owned by Denmark
Its longest border is with Belgium
Capital contains 2 Js
King Harald V is head of state
Borders Brazil and Suriname (among others)
Has websites suffixed with .ch
Oldest country (Unchanged)
Has the highest capital in Europe
Is double-landlocked
Borders Morocco
Has 12 territories
București is it's capital (native language)
Smallest country
Was known as the land of the Bohemian crown
Contains the word AND
Means black mountain
Smallest EU member
Sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine
'Requires feeding'
Borders 14 other countries
Owns Aruba
Owns Greenland
Capital begins with 'Z'
Capital invaded on 1st September
Has the biggest losing streak in the Eurovision Song Contest
The land of saints and scholars
Capital lies on the Tiber River
Smallest UN member
Uses the lev

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