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December 11-25, 1933. New York City.1977
The turn of the last century. Sweden.1973
Shortly before and after World War I. Various theatres, onstage and backstage, on New York's lower East Side, in Baltimore, and on Long Island.1964
An Audition. 1975. Here.1975
On a tiny Greek Island, a wedding is about to take place...2001
Rainbow Valley, Missitucky.1947
Colonial India, 1906. Misselthwaite Manor, North Yorkshire, England, 1906.1991
The West Side of New York City during the last days of Summer. 1957.1957
Washington, D.C., some time in the future.1955
780 A.D. and thereabouts. The Holy Roman Empire and thereabouts.1972
On the docks and in and around the Royal Palace in Bangkok. The 1860s.1951
Paris Opéra House. 1881-1911.1988
A Far-Off Kingdom. Once Upon a Time.1987
In and around the Delta Nu house, Southern California. In and around the Harvard Law campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts.2007
Washington Heights, New York City2008
The new Park Avenue office building of The World Wide Wicket Company, Inc., in New York City.1961
Act I: A series of Sundays from 1884 to 1886; a park on an island in the Seine just outside of Paris and George's studio. Act II: An American art museum and on the island in 1984.1984
Mushnik's flower shop on Skid Row.2003
Bethany, Jerusalem, Pontius Pilate's palace, the garden of Gethsemane, house of Herod, Golgotha1971
Los Angeles and Mount Olympus in 19802007
Madrid, 19872010
Somewhere in the heartland of America in the recent past.1998
Ford's Theatre, Baltimore. June 1948.1948
East Village, New York City.1996
Lake Charles, Louisiana, November - December, 1963.2004
The smoky halls and underground clubs of the segregated 1950s2009
1941-1963. In and around London.1993
Amenity #9, the poorest, filthiest urinal in town. The good offices of Urine Good Company. A secret hideout.2001
Summer. St. Tropez, France.1983
New York City and Nevada in the 1930s.1992
An island in the French Antilles. Night, in a storm.1990
A party on the stage of the Weismann Theatre. Tonight.1971
A provincial German town in the 1890s2006
The Scottish Highlands and New York City1947
Oz: Shiz; the Emerald City; others2003
In France: Digne, 1815; Montreuil-Sur-Mer, 1823; Montfermeil, 1823; Paris, 1832.1987
San Francisco's Chinatown. The Present.1958
In and around New York City; New Rochelle; Ellis Island; Lawrence, Mass.; Atlantic City.1998
Various locations on an Ocean Liner.1934

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