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Can you name the famous NFL Quarterback by his College and Pro Teams?

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Miami Steelers
Maryland Bengals
Stanford Broncos
Northwestern Browns
Kansas Chargers
Miami Bills
Notre Dame 49ers
Texas Lions
Washington Oilers
Alabama Raiders
So Miss Packers
Alabama Packers
Duke Redskins
VA Tech Falcons
BYU 49ers
Georgia Vikings
TCU Redskins
NC State Rams
Syracuse Eagles
Alabama Jets
Ole Miss Giants
LSU 49ers
Oregon Chargers
Michigan Patriots
Tennessee Colts
Purdue Saints
Augustana Bengals
No Iowa Rams
Pittsburgh Dolphins
Oregon Rams
Kentucky Oilers
Miami Buccaneers
Louisville Colts
Purdue Dolphins
LA Tech Steelers
UCLA Cowboys
Purdue Chiefs
California Packers
Stanford 49ers
Navy Cowboys

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