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Can you name the correct answer for each song on The Wall?

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What are the first three words heard 'In the Flesh?'
How many tear-stained eyes are mentioned in 'The Thin Ice'?
What is the first brick in Pink's wall?
Who does Pink say is responsible for the awful way certain teachers treated the children?
Who are the second bricks in Pink's wall?
In the song 'Mother' what does Pink's mother say she'll make come true?
In the song 'Goodbye Blue Sky' what does Pink say lingers on?
The song 'Empty Spaces' replaced what song on the album because it was too long for vinyl format?
In 'Young Lust' Pink refers to himself as a rock 'n roll...?
During 'One of My Turns' why does Pink tell the groupie to not look so frightened?
In 'Don't Leave Me Now' Pink asks his wife to remember what?
In 'Another Brick in the Wall Part 3' what is the first thing Pink says he doesn't need?
What does Pink say once the wall is completed?
In 'Hey You' what ate into Pink's brain?
What question does Pink ask after 'Hey You'?
How many channels does Pink say he has to chose from?
Who does Pink ask if anyone remembers?
Towards the end of 'Bring the Boys Back Home' who is the new character that's introduced?
In 'Comfortably Numb' who is talking to Pink?
What must go on?
The song 'In the Flesh' who replaces Pink for the concert?
'Run Like Hell' says if you get caught you'll get sent to back to mother in what?
In 'Waiting for the Worms' there are references to two World War II purveyors of atrocities. Who are they?
When Pink yells, 'Stop' where does he want to go?
Before Pink's inner judge sentences him, Pink says there must have been...what in the wall?
What are the last three words are heard at the end of 'Outside the Wall'?

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