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Can you name the Name the Lyrics to Pink Floyd's 'Dogs'?

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LineAnswerNumber of Words
You gotta be crazy6 Words
You gotta sleep on your toes6 Words
You gotta be able to9 Words
And then moving in silently6 Words
You gotta strike7 Words
And after a while7 Words
Like the club tie4 Words
A certain look in the eye4 Words
You have to be trusted 7 Words
So that when they5 Words
You'll get the chance5 Words
You gotta keep one eye4 Words
You know it's going to get harder8 Words
LineAnswerNumber of Words
And in the end you'll pack up4 Words
Hide your head in the sand11 Words
And when you loose control7 Words
And as the fear grows8 Words
And it's too late to lose9 Words
So have a good drown, as you go down7 Words
I gotta admit that I'm a little bit confused11 Words
Gotta stay awake8 Words
If I don't stand my own ground10 Words
Deaf, dumb, and blind5 Words
That everyone's expendable7 Words
And it seems to you the thing to do 6 Words
And everything's done under the sun8 Words
LineAnswerNumber of Words
Who was7 Words
Who was7 Words
Who was7 Words
Who was4 Words
Who was5 Words
Who was6 Words
Who was5 Words
Who was5 Words
Who was5 Words
Who was5 Words
Who was5 Words

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