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QUIZ: Can you name the Saint Mike's Trivia?

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Dining Hall
From the Green Mountain State to _______ your mind (3-4-5 video winner)
Middle stuite building
Closest convenience store
Male acapella group
Largest classroom on campus
President of the college
One crucial store missing from VT
Cheapest ski pass
Closest concert site
Library room with the best view
2010 comedian
2010 spring concert
Best day on campus
Professors serve dinner for this meal
Alliot tradition involving dinnerware
Suites on North Campus
North Campus food
Oldest building
Haunting noise from Orientation
Academic building apart from the others
School paper
Bus driver who tries to learn everyone's names
Most well known alliot worker
Year school was founded
Sports team undefeated since 1986
Food place named after the school
Group that founded the school
Umbrella service organization
What does POW stand for?
Religious retreat weekend about community
Website that overloads on cookies
Buildings with mounds in front of them
Building randomly in the midst of town houses
Most popular service opportunity for freshman
Saturday night student music location
Delivery: _____ _____ Burlington
Weeknight closing time of library
Name of both gyms
Yellow and purple item you get at the end of orientation
RIP: Alliot ____
You can rent this heavy item from the library for your viewing pleasure
most popular weekend grill item

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