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Touch my cheeks!
Just tryin to get that diamond at BETA!
I have dreads and a backpack.
Swig's BFF
I love mafia wars, dragons, magic cards, and my kitty wife.
I wanna hook up! Come over!
Molly's a ****!
Love in this club.
Insert anything Amo would say/do here.
Lost: Toothpaste.
I'm Dominican and I'm about to get touchy-feely.
I have a kid... do you mind?
I look like I'm 12 and I love weed.
4/5 of the starting line up
I love purple, and you're not British.
Meg, can u ever talk?
I'm pre gaming in my room and then going to the TEP house
I have a potato head!
sweatsuits plus party= my life
I always go out alone.
Have I ever not worn leggings?
Touch my dick in this closet!
I love Chad and working out!
I love Meg, but I just made out with Molly. ****!
It was embarrassing holding 2 handles of Banker's Club in the Liquor Store!
All your people signed out?
The circumstances are just too awkward!
Thats the best movie ever. (I hate Meg)
So can we **** talk about how they're usually just list parties!?
I rock and I'm great at Fishville!
Sorry I peed in your bed.
I got to pi lam at 9 o'clock straight from little demons.
You look like the kind of woman who should be driving a Jaguar!
Just make sure I can read your writing.
I am a legal giant.
You girls goin dancin?
Mixin pi lam beats
I have a ponytail!
I wanna pound Julia's cheeks!
I love Korea, animation, disney songs, and vampires.
Make out for jello shots!
Text: Are Amo and Meg sleeping over tonight?
Crap! I'm already balding!
I just got tickets for Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood!
Checkout this facebook upload of my dinner. Emma
I love George.
yinz bumpin uglies 'n at?

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