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Can you name the actors who played teachers or principals that opened 'difficult' students' eyes to what education is really all about?

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Educator PlayedActorMovie
Russell Gettis
Jonathan Shale
Karl Thomasson
Karl Thomasson
George McKenna
Louanne Johnson
Joe Clark
Mark Thackeray
Mark Thackeray
Rick Latimer
Alex Jurel
Vivienne Mae
John Keating
Jan Emerson
Erin Gruwell
Melvin B. Tolson
Ron Clark
Jaime Escalante
Joshua Larabee
Jean Brodie
William Hundert
Richard Clark
Educator PlayedActorMovie
Richard Dadier
Sylvia Barrett
Dewey Finn
Veronica Vaughn
John Kimble
Zack Reed
Freddy Shoop
Douglas Hector
Roberta Guaspari
Bill Rago
Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier
Dana Marschz
Katherine Ann Watson
Deloris Van-Cartier
Arnold Hand
Dr. Diane Turner
Kensuke Miyagi
Mr. Han
Blu Rain

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