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retinal area fostering clearest vision
detect color, operate in daylight, 6 mil in fovea
detect blue
detect green
detect red
night vision, no color
retinal cells look for points of _________
visual information sent to area V_
area v1 is located in the ______
disruption in dorsal stream
A deficit in ________ leads to failed object recognition
Enables interaction, grasping, aiming
There are _______# of properties of change in air pressure that dictate sound
T/F? low freq=high pitch
we hear a range of 20 -_____Hz
Frequency corresponds to:
Loudness is associated with?
T/F Low amplitude = soft sound
complexity is associated with?
allows capture of more sound
bones transfer vibrations in ear
copies frequency received from exterior
the basilar membrane runs down center of _______
ossicles generate waves in ________
______ cells on BM trigger action potential
T/F? Left side of brain is not related to language?
T/F? The right side of brain is related to music/rythm
perceived pitch determined by position of max vibrations on Basilar Membrane
perceived pitch determined by the rate of action potential

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