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Forced Order
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receive neurotransmitters which inhibit or incite
NT that regulates fight or flight
What is the value of resting potential in mv?
antagonist of ACh
gap between axon of a neuron and dendrite of another
At resting potential what ion cannot flow freely?
Sensor detects concentrations of molecules
low levels of NT result in parkinsons
where pain is recognized
recovery time after action potential
connected to spine regulates basic biological function
this ion pumped in after refractory period
primary inhibitory NT
increased NT activity
chemicals that transmit info across synapse
Low levels leads to depression
comprised of glial cells
Block NT activity
prioritize stimuli
new memory formation
directs attention to stimuli
Reduces symptoms of parkinsons
NT involved with motor control
fear, emotional memories
primary excitatory NT
The brain is often studied via
Leads to runner's high, pain control
Caused by Na+ rushing in neuron
GABA agonist
regulates temp, hunger, thirst, sexual behavior
outer wrinkly material, complex tasks
increased serotonin activity
knoblike structures at end of axon
Contains 100 billion neuron
master gland
At resting potential what ion can freely flow?

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