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Who is Bernie's best friend in the peloton?
How many languages does Bernie speak?
Which team did Bernie ride for in 2004?
On which team did Bernie first ride with Mark Cavendish?
How old was Bernie when he signed his first pro contract?
Where in Austria does Bernie live?
How many grand tours has Bernie completed?
Who was Bernie's first pro cyclist hero?
What year did Bernie first finish Paris-Roubaix?
Which team did Bernie sign to in 2015?
What is Bernie's big brother called?
What name does Bernie also go by?
Bernie's best subject at school was
On which team did Bernie ride with Fabian Cancellara and Pippo Pozatto?
What song by Queen did Bernie say describes his attitude on the bike?
What accent does Bernie speak English with?
Which race was Bernie's last individual win?
What is Bernie's favourite film?
Bernie's scientifically perfect eye colour is
Bernie has scientifically perfect what?
What is Bernie's best placing in Paris- Roubaix?

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