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gets addicted to V; loves alcidewerewolf
catches sam merlotte running naked through the woods; he gets some from a faery named maurellahuman
works at fangtasia; glamoured many timeshuman
redhead; love interest of hoyt and jason vampire
works at fangtasia; prodigy of eric northmanvampire
brother of sookie stackhousehuman
civil war veteran; native of bon tempsvampire
owns a bar in bon tempsshapeshifter
protects sookie because of a debt he has to eric northman, but then falls for sookiewere
sookie's faery-godmotherfaery
works for russell edgington; shot by alcidewerewolf
sexy blonde who knows just how good looking he isvampire
redhead killed by billvampire
sookie's best friendhuman
sookie's grandmotherhuman
worked for maryann; changes to a hogshapeshifter
her blood is 'vampire crack'; waitress at merlotte'sfaery
redhead waitress at merlotte's; has two kids named coby and lisahuman
AVL spokeswomanvampire
love interest of jasonwerepanter
kidnaps bill; wants sookie to be added to his collectionvampire
russell's partner; killed by ericvampire
kills fangbangers; was engaged to arlenehuman
eric's makervampire
telepath like sookiehuman
tara's momhuman
cook at merlotte's; sells Vhuman
scratches sookie; sacrifices sammaenad
jason's bestfriend; love interest of jessicahuman
bill's makervampire
takes away eric's memory; casts a spell that will make vampires walk in the sun to their deathswitch
holds tara captive; killed by jasonvampire
reverend of fellowship of the sunhuman/vampire season 4
lives with maryann; killed by jasonhuman
sam's brothershapeshifter
partner of lafayette; gifted in magicbrujo
works at fangtasia; eric promised her 'a good job and sex'human

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