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This astronomical object is worth 3-Up
Mario 64: How many levels are there? (not including the secret ones or Bowser levels)
Mario 64: How many stars do you need to fight Bowser the final time?
Mario 64: What time before entering Tick Tock Clock should the clock read if you want the parts to not move (give an example)?
Mario 64: How many ways can Mario lose his hat (spell out the number)?
Mario RPG: When racing on Yo'ster Isle, what item will give a brief speed boost?
Mario RPG: What two items do you need in order to get the Lazy Shell?
Mario RPG: Booster rides around on what?
Mario RPG: How many Axem Rangers are there (spell out the number)?
Mario RPG: Link shows up once in this game; but what is he doing?
Mario Kart 64: Second longest course.
Mario Party: What is the last Mario Party that Donkey Kong shows up as a player (spell out the number)?
Mario Party 3: Name the 2 vs. 2 mini game where the first team to eat a half of a pizza wins.
Mario Party 5: In bonus mode you can play three games; Ice Hockey, Volley Ball, and...?
Paper Mario: What color is Whacka?
Paper Mario: Watt is trapped inside what?
Paper Mario: Klevar (the star spirit with the book and bow-tie) has a star power called...?
Paper Mario: Name the giant Koopa (with glasses) who blocks the path to Koopa Village after Chapter 5?
Paper Mario: You ride a whale to and from Lavalava Island, however Kolorado calls it a...?
Paper Mario: Give Tayce T. an Ultra Shroom and she'll give you a...
Paper Mario: What is the name of the character who hosts quiz games and gives out star pieces?

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