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Forced Order
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'That was a hard time to pretend - there was so much work to be done'
'This is nothing personal, let me assure you, Bella'
'I was wondering, my dear one, if Bella is immune to you'
'So, you're the vampire girl'
'You can't take responsibility for the things that happen to me here. None of this is your fault'
'C'mon, I'll get you something less macabre to wear'
'Two tourists have gone missing off a trail outside crescent lake. This wolf problem is getting out of hand'
'I wish I spent money on your present. I didn't realize that you were capable of being reasonable'
'I could remember how your voice sounded when you were angry. I could hear it'
'No, I don't think she's hurt. She just keeps saying 'He's gone''
'You don't know them - they could have been psychopaths!'
'You know how hard I've tried to keep that promise, but... I can't see how to keep trying. Not now... Miss you'

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