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Can you name the guests in Solitary?

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Pod Number and SeasonGuestsFact
Number 3 1.0Fashion designer
Number 1 3.0Pin-Up Model
Number 6 1.0Stuntman
No NumberWeb designer
Number 8 4.0Rapper
Number 8 3.0Childcare provider
Number 9 4.0Died three times
Number 8 1.0Beautician
Number 8 2.0Photographer
Number 2 2.0Obsessed with showering
Number 7 2.0Environmentalist
Number 6 2.0Marathon Runner
Number 5 2.0Video Game Geek
Number 1 1.0Travel agent
Number 4 3.0Software Developer
Number 3 4.0High school football player
Number 5 3.0Former TV reporter
Number 4 2.0Recovering alcoholic
Number 9 2.0Ex-Survivor contestant
Pod Number and SeasonGuestsFact
Number 1 2.0Hurricane Katrina survivor
Number 6 4.0 OldMother of three
Number 9 3.0Bouncer
Number 7 1.0Teacher
Number 5 4.0Veteran game show contestant
Number 7 4.0Missionary
Number 7 3.0Student
Number 2 1.0Personal trainer
Number 6 4.0 NewSolitary 2.0 runner-up
Number 2 3.0Senior citizen's home director
Number 6 3.0Cashier
Number 3 3.0Aspiring actress
Number 4 4.0Fluent in Japanese
Number 5 1.0Martial arts instructor
Number 1 4.0Cancer survivor
Number 9 1.0MENSA Member
Number 4 1.0Writer
Number 2 4.0Martial arts instructor
Number 3 2.0Masochist

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