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Foreign Country Riddle In a certain country ½ of 5 = 3. If the same proportion holds, what is the value of 1/3 of 10 ?
A rectangle has a length of 3 meters more than its width and its perimeter is equal in value to its area. Find the length.
For what value of a will the system 2x + 6y = -2 and -3x + ay = 4 have no solutions?
99 / 9 + 8 x 4 - 4
The area of a rectangular field is equal to 300 square meters. Its perimeter is equal to 70 meters. Find the length and width of this rectangle.
For what value of k is the point (-2, k) on the line with equation -3x + 3y = 4?
Write 0.12*10-3 as a decimal.
What is one real numbers that is equal to its cubes?
A real estate agent received a 6% commission on the selling price of a house. If his commission was $8,880, what was the selling price of the house?
Four children have small toys. The first child has 1/10 of the toys, the second child has 12 more toys than the first, the third child has one more toy of what the first child has

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