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Would step over his grandmother's grave for $5
Recycles, everyone is his 'bud'
Gets caught in 'snow' storms
AKA Miles Long
A mountain of a man, an anorexic 285
The golden parachute
Likes to drink pepsi
Plays the ponies, went to Wabash
Rides his bike, Smells awful
Always plays as Golfer 1 in GoldenTee
Easy Pards
Homebrewer/World Traveler
Northwestern Alum, Romanian James Bond
Fluent in spanish
3 stooges, wrestling, rubber ducky, drachmas, woo daddy!
drives from mchenry, wrestler
Hoosier/ND fan, photographer, big sexy
Has a caterpillar growing on his arm
Weekend Looper, Nike Employee, Receding hairline
Enjoys scotch, Delivery man, club repair
Drives an impala, lives by Citgo
Head Pro, consistently in fairway
Shortest assistant ever, Kentucky boy
Do me a favor if you dont mind? Hey big dog
Cleans carpets when debbie is out of town, details cars
Intern P*ssy

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