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How much does John Grossbard owe Kramer?
What mile marker does Kramer clean up?
Where does Newman say he learner to climb?
How many bad subs does Elaine have to eat before she gets a free one?
What gate is John Grossbard's plane at?
What state is the girl from that Jerry dates from the Miss America Pageant?
What kind of pop is Jerry drinking when Newman is interrogating him about his broken steroe?
Where does Kramer want to get a hot dog from at the movie theater?
What's the name of the song that Elaine knows for Mr. Pitt?
What kind of coffee does Elaine buy for George?
How much does Jack Klompus say he wants to sell Jerry's car back to him?
What does Kramer think 'Damien' is in the omen?
What do Jerry's checks have on them?
What's George's female cousins name that visits Estelle when she is in the hospital?
Who is George the successor of when he is a hand model?
Whose file does George work on for Mr. Tuttle?
What is the name of the pool worker who tells Jerry to tell Ramon that he said 'hello'?
What was Frank Costanza trying to get for George that gets broken, which leads to the first ever Festivus?
Who does George choose as the recipient for the Susan Ross Scholarship?
What kind of razors does Jerry use when he's shaving his chest?

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