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QuotePersonScreen Name or Real Name
'Let's see how it goes..'Real
'So if I just wanted to bend you over and shove it in your ass you wouldn't mind it?'Real
'You're a cute guy. Bet you're an even cuter girl'Real
'I came here to tell here I couldn't come here'Real
'I got all kinda girls'Real
'39, 35, 39'Real
'Who's all here?'Real
'Just trying not to think about this...'Real
'I met her in Michigan.....and I took em'Real
'You know what would be a huge ass turn on for me?'screen name
'I see nothing wrong with kissing and caressing'Real
'I did not do anything yet!'Real
'Don't bring the girls'screen name
'I saw the movie...'Real
QuotePersonScreen Name or Real Name
'That would be the cleanest, best pleasure'screen name
'Just shopping.'Real
'Just stay away from the, ugh, sexual overtones'Real
'Well maybe if someone could give directions to their house...'screen name
'Take your hat off'Real
'You didn't have to take a shower!'screen name
'I'm totally, utterly stupid'Real
'I thought you's wanting a shave down their'Screen name
'It's just talking!'Real
'....stupid question to ask a younger girl...'Real
'I always gotta prepare for nothing...'Screen name
'I can see the face, I just can't picture a name'Real
'I got a wife at home...I love her dearly'screen name
'Do you wanna come over here....sit on my lap?'screen name

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