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Candian became big on black ops 2
'Cheats' alot on gmod
A derp crew member who married a watermelon
Irish gmod and general gamer, offen plays with h20 delirious
Has flashbacks to vietnam when playing games
Mainly a gmod player who often plays with seananners and is good at impressions
Female gamer who ' hearts you guys'
Leader of the squeker squad
Small hintYoutuber
Big minecraft player who was a late edition to mianite
Became big through call of duty but has branched out and was a co creater of mianite
Had a series where he became a 'master of disguise
Has the most subscribers of any gamer. Hails from sweden
Can be seen getting hyper on many q and a sundays
Fifa player who is a part member of the 'sidemen'
British female gamer noticable for her un usual voice

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