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CharactersName of the Show
Jack Shephard, James “Sawyer” Ford, Benjamin Linus
Michael Scofield, Theodore Bagwell, Sara Tancredi
Jonas Grumby, Thurston Howell III, Ginger Grant
Will Robinson, Zachary Smith, The Robot
James Crockett, Ricardo Tubbs, Martin Castillo
Ann Romano, Barbara Cooper, Dwayne Schneider
Meldrick Lewis, Tim Bayliss, Frank Pembleton
Meredith Grey, Owen Hunt, Christina Yang
Alex P. Keaton, Irwin Handleman, Jennifer Keaton
Jack McCoy, Ed Green, Anita Van Buren
Mark Sanger, Eve Whitfield, Robert T. Ironside
Mark Benford, Demetri Noh, Lloyd Simcoe
Jim Dial, Murphy Brown, Frank Fontana
Paul Lassiter, Carter Heywood, Nikki Faber
Kurt Hummel, Sue Sylvester, Blaine Anderson
Temperance Brennan, Seeley Booth, Jack Hodgins
Robert E. Hogan, Hans Georg Schultz, Peter Newkirk
Louise Jefferson, Tom Willis, George Jefferson
Leo McGarry, Josiah Bartlett, Donna Moss
Tami Taylor, Landry Clarke, Eric Taylor
Kelly Garrett, Charles Townsend, Kris Munroe
Napoleon Solo, Alexander Waverly, Illya Kurakin
Robert Barone, Ray Barone, Ally Barone
CharactersName of the Show
Dan Conner, Jackie Harris, Roseanne Conner
Nathan Petrelli, Noah Bennet, Ando Masahashi
Archie Bunker, Michael Stivic, Edith Bunker
Dave Starsky, Ken Hutchinson, Huggy Bear
Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Abby Sciuto
James “JJ” Evans, Jr., Willona Woods, Michael Evans
Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler, George Huang
Pete Campbell, Don Draper, Joan Harris
Jay Pritchett, Claire Dunphy, Cameron Tucker
Victor Ehrlich, Mark Craig, Philip Chandler
James Wilson, Robert Chase, Lisa Cuddy
Betty Jones, John Biddle, Barnaby Jones
Harry Morgan, Angel Batista, Dexter Morgan
Walter H. White, Saul Goodman, Jesse Pinkman
John Carter, Kerry Weaver, Doug Ross
Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen, Ted Mosby
Leonard Hofstadter, Penny, Sheldon Cooper
Amanda Tanen, Marc St. James, Betty Suarez
Tracy Jordan, Liz Lemon, Jenna Maroney
James McNulty, William Moreland, Rhonda Pearlman
T.J. Hooker, Stacy Sheridan, Vince Romano
Arnie Becker, Ann Kelsey, Douglas Brackman, Jr.

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