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Saint-Saens wrote the 'Carnival of the ...'
Instrument played by Mr Paterson
Musical Italian term for fast
The lowest note on a violin
Stravinsky's famous ballet the 'Rite of ...'
Charlie Parker was a great player of the
Instrument that gives a precise beat
Tubular bells are in which family?
The tam tam is a kind of ...
Vaughan Williams wrote 'The Lark ...'
Composer of the 'Trout' Quintet
Inventor of the Sousaphone
Musical Italian term for sweetly
Composer of the 'Water Music'
The didgeridu comes from which country?
47 strings and 7 pedals on a ...
Voice between tenor and bass
Instrument with stops, pipes and pedals
Full name of the piano
Bernstein's version of 'Romeo and Juliet'

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