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Author of Atlas Shrugged
Main female heroine
Man who destroyed his oil fields
Most infamous question and book's opening line
Man who main heroine first made love to
Name of metal which is cheaper than steel but twice as strong
The Pirate
Name of industrialists' village
Author of 'Why Do You Think You Think'
Symbol of the Industrialists
Female heroine's first husband
Banker who disappeared
Secret government program
Location (State) of oil fields and Industrialist's Village
Prominent musician that 'disappeared'
Prestigious University
Government controlled research institute
Former Washington DC liaison for metal industrialist and head of the Bureau of Economic Planning and National Resources
Type of invention main heroine tries to recreate
Name of transcontinental train
Country which is the home of the San Sebastian Mines
Head of Associated Steel
Profession of Hugh Akston when Dagney first meets him
Law which makes it illegal for an employer to fire someone or for an employee to quit
Currency of the industrialist's village
State which is home to the metal industrialist's factories
First name of metal industrialist's first wife
Director of the government run research institute
Structure that was the centerpiece of the railroad
First thing that was constructed using new metal

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