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measure of the number of days needed to cllect accounts recievale
cost of goods sold divided by average inventory
total fixed costs divided by selling price-variable cost/uit
suggested retail
discount given off list price
list price-discount
part givin in 1/100s
recieve more than one discount
purchase and pay at later date
end of month
list all cost including shipping and any other cost
content capacity of solid figure
number of smaller units in a larger unit
h/l/w are equal
same size, same shape
side of a cube
barrel or can shape
circular base, one vortex
all goods
basic liquid measure
how much it will hold
used to measure lines
is the smallest commonly used measurement in linear units
the measuring of passing years
how heavy something is
developed in france
little longer than a yard
liguid measure
the smallest unit of weight (mass)

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