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 Her middle name
 Her Patronus
 Some time before she came to Hogwarts, Umbridge signed a legislation making it hard for these creatures/beings/beasts to find work
 During her tenure as Hogwarts Professor/Headmistress Dolores Umbridge refused to publicly acknowledge the return of this Dark Wizard
 In 1995 she was made Professor of this subject at Hogwarts
 She was made High Inquisitor of Hogwarts by this man
 Umbridge made these to install her power (e.g. No. 26 forbade teachers from telling students anything irrelevant to the subject they are paid to teach)
 Professor Umbridge used this book to teach her classes
 When it became clear she was never going to teach people practical magic, Harry Potter and friends founded this group (type full name please)
 Dolores had to face many vomiting/nosebleeding students who were taking these (from Fred and George Weasley's shop 'Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes') to skip her classes
 The only member of Hogwarts staff to actually support her rule was...
 Dolores Umbridge founded this group (comprising mostly of Slytherins) to enforce her rule
 Umbridge called beings such as centaurs this offensive term, which according to her are creatures of 'sub-human intelligence'
 Umbridge was attacked by a group of centaurs (including Bane and Magorian) in this place
 She was removed from Hogwarts following the battle in this place in the Ministry of Magic
 She was finally chased out of Hogwarts by this mischief-maker
 Dolores Umbridge interrogated Muggle-borns, calling them this offensive (but commonly used by her fellow pure-blood supremacists) word
 Umbridge, Albert Runcorn, and Yaxley were major figures in the Death Eater controlled Ministry under this Imperiused Minister
 In 1998 Umbridge was imprisoned for life in this prison
 When she was interrogating Muggle-borns, she threatened to hand them over to these creatures if they attempted to resist
 She hates this professor, believing she is a fraud
 Harry Potter uses this place to hold his meetings (before they are betrayed by Marietta Edgecombe, who informs Umbridge of the existence of the group)
 Umbridge is unable to get rid of this Fred and George Weasley invention, which causes a mass flood in the corridor it is laid
 These creatures that guard the Head's Office refuses to let her in as they do not recognize her as the legitimate Head of Hogwarts
 She believes Harry Potter will never achieve this position/rank in the Ministry of Magic

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