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Can you name the words that have 'ae' in them?

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A term used to describe a person with enormous musical talent
A magistrate in ancient Rome, who had the superintendence of public buildings, highways, shows, etc.; hence, a municipal office
The British English spelling of 'airplane'
A Jewish state, established in 1948
A triumph/celebration song
The 'A' part of the abbreviation 'NASA'
A group of Eukaryotes that includes seaweed
Element No.55, sometimes spelled without the 'a'
This is the British English equivalent of résumé
A classical ice cream dessert
In Ancient Greece/Rome, this was a slave that would carry a schoolboy's books and belongings for him
Something that requires air
A famous Roman general;the monarchs of Germany and Russia were called 'Kaiser' and 'Tsar/Czar' respectively, both referring to his man
A Renaissance artist
A type of modern Jamaican music often attributed to Bob Marley
A Government owned enterprise founded during the New Deal
An older English spelling of 'fairy'
The stretch of water that separates Greece from Turkey
A type of tempo, literally Italian for 'majestic'
Isaac Newton's book describing his laws of motion (an abbreviated form would do)
A language spoken in the Colombian Andes, not related to any other language
A diacritical mark consisting of two dots above the letter;also called an umlaut
The study of human society
It is uncertain if he even existed at all, but a certain number of fables are said to have been written by him

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