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Can you name the people who died in 1945?

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February 5thOne of the female British agents sent to spy on Germany;shot by the Nazis
Early MarchKept a secret diary, then caught in the annex and died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
March 26thFormer British Prime minister; was the leader of Britain in the latter half of World War I
April 12thU.S President, introduced the New Deal, led the country in World War 2
April 28thDictator of Italy; executed by Italian partisans
April 30thFuhrer of Nazi Germany
April 30thThe wife of the preceding
May 1stNazi Propaganda Minister; Chancellor of Germany for one day before suicide
May 23rdLeader of the Schutzstaffel (SS)
July 5thPrime Minister of Australia; led his country against the Japanese in World War 2
September 24thA famous counter is named after him
September 26thOne of the greatest Hungarian composers along with Franz Liszt
October 24thWas the ruler of German occupied Norway
November 28thA well-known international non-Grand Slam tennis competition is named after him
December 21stA 4 star U.S General best known for his command of the Third Army

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