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For what does the acronym HRP stand?
Is Barrett's esophagus (identified by CDX2) a hyperplasia, dysplasia, or metaplasia?
Red chromogen is often preferred by pathologists in skin IHC due to the presence of what pigment that can cause interference with DAB visualization?
ERG is a nuclear marker that labels what type of cells that line blood vessels?
Myeloid tissue is synonymous with what type of tissue found in the body?
CITED1 is a diagnostic marker for what kidney tumor found in children?
What is the name of the region of an antigen to which an antibody binds?
What are the two most common types of retrieval solutions used in HIER?
Embryonal carcinoma is a neoplasm of which organ?
What does the prefix 'histo' mean in immunoHISTOchemistry?
IHC questionAnswer
What is the most common fixative recommended for IHC?
SATB2 is a transcription factor found in which type of cancer?
What do the letters 'CD' stand for when naming antibodies (i.e. CD23)?
Myocytes are cells of which type of tissue?
Which antibody is used to label both GIST and mast cells?
Cyclin D1 positivity is used to identify which type of neoplasm?
Which antibody differentiates lung adenocarcinoma from mesothelioma with a nuclear stain?
Which virus most commonly causes mononucleosis?
NKX3.1 is a transcription factor specific for which type of tissue only found in males?
What two species of animal do most diagnostic antibodies come from?

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