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Forced Order
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'Stop cryyyyying'
'I could kiss you, but i'm not going to'
'I've never watched Star Wars'
'Beef?, No no it's not a barbecue'
'She's f***ing gross'
'If I showed you a video of someone playing a guitar.....
'Where's the evaluation! Why have you used fractions!'
'Gingers will take over the world'
'My whole family is Greek, I'm Greek, I own the Greek islands'
'Well, my parents have never quite gone that far...'
'Im an Oxford boy...'
'Take your jerkin off'
'Hello guys, please could we knuckle down to some quiet directed study'
'Light the candle!'
'You think you'd need all of them biscuits Michael...'
'No,no, there's your slip, you've fiddled it'
'Oh my god'
'Why can't they get a f***ing real job!'
'Sorry, can't tonight guys, revising'
'Shes my friend, But.....'
'Bisexual is the best way to be, everyone's a target.'
'Hi guys, session 4 will commence in approximately 4 minutes time'
'Ip dip dip, my blue ship'
'It's bleedin obvious'
'What an idiot!'
'Girls are like squaring numbers......'
'Curiosity killed the cat'
'I ain't havin it kids.'
'Sarah! I've got no knickers on!'
'nom nom nom'
'Hii guys!!'
'Can't wait to get hammed tonight with you lovely ladies'
'Tough shi'
'The case Aidan, put them in the case!'
'I saved a woman'
'Live the dream'

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