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Identify the Doctor Who stories these cliffhangers are from - give the story title and the episode number (e.g. Battlefield 1)

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Cliffhanger DescriptionStory Title and Episode Number
The Doctor is torn apart inside the Recreation Generator.
The Doctor is left dangling over an icy precipice.
The Doctor and Peri appear to be shot by firing squad.
The Doctor walks the plank and falls off the end!
Sarah falls from a gantry.
Harg is dragged into a pipe by a giant tentacle.
Cybermen emerge from the sewers and march on London.
Oh no! Red and white floor tiles!
A Man in a harlequin costume reaches out for Nyssa's (or is it Ann's?) throat.
The Doctor hallucinates that he is dying of thirst in a desert and collapses.
Cliffhanger DescriptionStory Title and Episode Number
Liz Shaw is thrown off a bridge by a bad guy.
The Doctor stands defiantly in the path of the approaching machine.
A statue has been completed, but its head is not human!
Mel's screams blend perfectly with the theme tune as sparks fly and a pod bursts open.
'Nothing in ze vorld can stop me now!'
Our first sight of a Sontaran's face.
An unexpected appearance of some Sontarans just when we thought the story was all over.
A shuttlecraft lands in a playground, and the Doctor thinks he might have miscalculated.
The TARDIS is in the path of a lava flow.
The villain is impaled.

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