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1. This membrane encloses the central vacuole
Peroxisomes produce this
Lysosomes perform which function
. Centrosomes contain a pair of these, whose functions are still unknown
The organelle that takes up the most space in the plant cell is the
Stacks of thylakoids are known as
The fluid between the thylakoid membrane and the membrane of the chloroplast is known as
The foldings of the inner membrane of the mitochondria are known as
These are the thickest components of the cytoskeleton
These are the thinnest components of the cytoskeleton
this oraganelle's main function is for cellular respiration and ATP synthesis
production of ribosomes occur in this organelle
what do rough ER have that smooth ER does not?
ribosomes carry out what type of synthesis?
cilia is used to move things in large quantities and flagella is used mainly for ___________ in single organism/cells

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