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CO (litres/min)
How much of the blood volume does the heart contain (%)
CO (ml/kg body weight)
Interstitial fluid in a 60kg man (litres)
Stroke Volume (ml/beat)
Width of synaptic cleft (nm)
ECF Sodium in Mammals (mM)
Unstressed Volume as % of resting volume
ECF Sodium in Squid (mM)
Capillary diameter (micrometers)
Amount of Na which crosses 1cm^2 during AP
Normal Hb concentration (g/litre of blood)
Normal Plasma bicarbonate (mM)
Capillary Length (micrometers)
ECF Calcium Concentration (mM)
ECF Sodium in Frogs (mM)
How long does glucose take to diffuse 1cm? (in hours)
Blood Volume (ml/kg body weight)
Atrial contraction increases ventricular filling by at least.. (%)
Normal Plasma Chloride (mM)
ECF Potassium in Humans (mM)
Unstressed volume in a 70kg male (ml)

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