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Can you name the board game by phrase commonly said while playing?

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Commonly heard phrase(s)Name of Board Game
If you put the Robber on the brick, nobody will be able to build roads. You idiot.
I'm going to try and build from Budapest to Kyiv.
I think we ought to build a Research Station in Karachi.
I 'Throne room' a 'Market'.
How many Colonists do we need for the Colonist ship again?
I swear I'm not the traitor, I helped you on the Grail quest! Palamedes has just been sitting at the Lancelot quest all game.
I bid 'nine' 6's. That's right. NINE SIXES.
That was Ice Fishing? It looks more like someone urinating into a bowl.
Are you sure you can 'Scarab' my 'Anubis'? Also, I can't see the laser.
I really need a Sun token, or I'm going to have to move down the corruption line...and his Great Eye shall be upon me!
'Instead of coal, Santa now gives bad children____' 'Elderly Japanese men'
Stop calling me back to the 'Billiard Room'! This game makes no thematic sense.
I kick down the door and find...The Wight Brothers!
Commonly heard phrase(s)Name of Board Game
If you sell that station to her, I promise you any semblance of friendship we had will be gone.
Why do I keep drawing Creepers...can somebody play 'Silver lining' please?
A 'titbow' was a medieval crossbow used in the hunting of Blue tits.
Stop moving the Provost! Seriously I mean it.
Oh look. He's put all his troops in Australia. What a surprise.
That's a load bearing block. I wouldn't take that one...
I'm going to build a Red/Blue Ziggurat. Actually I'm going to build a Red/Green Ziggurat...Actually...
You have so many Pillaging Rat men. That seems overpowered. You have Bivouacking Amazons? That seems overpowered.
Not 'World' again! Okay, it's a country in Africa I think...I haven't heard of it before. Just keep guessing you'll get it eventually.
How many IPCs do I have? How far can the Tactical bombers move?
You can't put him on the road, someone's already on it/You can't put him on the castle, someone's already on it/How do the fields work again?
Why did you push me off the board? I'm blocked off and so far away from the bat treasure thing, that I need for some reason.

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