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Oakland Raiders (AmericanFootball)
Liverpool F.C. (Association Football)
Toronto Blue Jays (Baseball)
Phoenix Suns (Basketball)
Chicago Blackhawks (Ice Hockey)
Ohio State Buckeyes (American Football)
Kansas Jayhawks (Basketball)
Paris Saint-Germain F.C. (Association Football)
Philadelphia Eagles (American Football)
Atlanta Braves (Baseball)
St. Louis Rams (American Football)
Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball)
A.C. Milan (Association Football)
Boston Bruins (Ice Hockey)
Houston Astros (Baseball)
Montreal Canadiens (Ice Hockey)
Real Salt Lake (Association Football)
Jacksonville Jaguars (American Football)
Yomiuri Giants (Baseball)
Canterbury Crusaders (Rugby)
Sacramento Capitals (Tennis)
F.C. Bayern München (Association Football)
Colorado Rockies (Baseball)
Flamengo (Association Football)
Green Bay Packers (American Football)
Chennai Super Kings (Cricket)
New York Mets (Baseball)
Real Madrid F.C. (Association Football)
Regal F.C. Barcelona (Basketball)
Minnesota Vikings (American Football)

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