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What year was the Submarine invented in?
Who was the first U.S Patent given to?
Who invented the 1794 Cotton Gin?
How many muskets did Eli Whitney contracts to manufacture?
What city did the Fairmount Water Works occurred in?
What was the purpose of the spray gun?
What was the year the Amphibious Car invented in?
What year was the coffee pot invented?
Who invented the 1807 Steamboat?
How tall was the 1813 armored warship?
Who created the 1814 Plough?
What was the purpose of the Erie Canal?
Who invented the 1818 Profile Lathe?
Who created the lightning rod in 1752?
Where did Joseph Henry employed before building the Electromagnet Motor of 1830
What was the nickname for the 1831 Reaping Machine?
Who invented the sewing machine?
What year did threshing machine was invented?
Who invented the Revolver?
Who found the power tools?
How did the 1804 Paint Tube described as?
What did Crawford WIlliamson Long invent?
Who showed the use of sending a message?
How did the False Teeth benefit others?
Who invented the Cylinder Printing Press?

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