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Advantages to asexual reproduction include ____________.
Environmental toxins like atrazine are referred to as _____________ because they interfere with the hormones that allow for proper sexual development.
External fertilization is used exclusively by birds who prefer to mate in outdoor areas.
Sexual transmitted disease that are caused by bacterial infections include _________.
Female gametes are produced in the ____________.
Most hormonal methods of birth control also prevent infection of sexually transmitted disease.
choose one
The _________ produces about 60% of the fluids in semen including a source of fructose that nourishes sperm.
Testosterone is the hormone that causes male features to develop. It is produced in the __________.
Successful fertilization of a human egg occurs in the _________.
Since males have a common orofice that serves to drain the bladder and allow for the delivery of sperm, humans sperm is adapted to survival when mixed with urine.
Some types of genital warts can cause changes in cells in the cervix and lead to cancer.
Which of the following are examples of animals that use internal fertilization?
Mature sprem are stored in the _________ of the male reproductive tract until they are used.
Both the urethra and the vas deferens are transmitted thorugh the ___________ gland.
Which hormone is responsible for reducing the rate of sperm production?
___________ reproduction ensures that progeny will have new combinations of genetic infromation that could provide an advantage in a changing world.
It is NOT possible to prevent the transmission of ___________ by using condoms.
A fertilized egg is called a _________.
he lining of the uterus is maintained throughout a pregnanacy by the production of ____________.
Dioxins are chemical by-products that appear to cause feminization of male progeny. They are added to our fresh waterways through run-off from_________.
Hermaphrodites are examples of animals that use asexual reproduction.
Organisms that practice external fertilization are more vunerable to environmental toxin like pesticides that could cause developmental deformities.
Producing genetically identical offspring is______________.

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