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Can you finish The Riff Raff bar?

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BarAnswerSong Title
Gone for a minute now I can't tell you where I've been / I came back like a _________ _______Twisted
Tears fall from the _______ ______ __ _____Versace Python
I'm Kevin Garnett, 'cept I don't even _____ _ _____Out da Gym
They found crack in my jacket, found _________ in my socksSway in the Morning Freestyle
It's Pierce Brosnan, cross you up like _____ ____Aquaberry Dolphin
I beg your pardon, swung through _____ ______Shout Out to the Bay
My chain looks like, I just _________ _ _______ _____4 Million
Burberry pager, swung Suburban off a cliff / Raff, Riff, rap game ________ _____World Star
Tattoos on my arm, I was raised on a farm / But I can cruise on 22's, hit threes like ____ ______Chris Paul
Three wheeled through Beyonce video / Spilled the syrup out of ___ ___ ______Steph Curry McFlurry
I'm out here eatin' _____ ____ / With who? With Oprah.Dolce and Gabbana
It's the white ______ ________ / Ballin' on civiliansWho Wants to Rock
Gotcha runnin' over, Jerome Bettis / ______ _______, no dietingWe Are Llamas
Back in 8th grade, ______ _____ _____How to Be the Man
I run the keys to Jamaica, _____ ____Kokayne
It's a clear __________Introducing the Icon
I could sell oil / Like ___________Choppin' Blades
Whoa, kemosabe / Versace is my hobby / I done shot more jumpers than that ____ _____Carlos Slim
The way I jump out the gym, you figured I ______ ____ ____ ______Jumpin Out the Gym
My chain was ____ _____, but somebody stole itTranquilizers
My bad, I'm dyslexic, in the ___ ____ _____ _____Tip Toe Wing in my Jawwdinz
Step inside the club and I smell like _____ ______Wetter Than Tsunami
I ball ____ _ ________Pat Ewing
Yuh, dumb ****! / Walk inside my house all you see is ___ _______ ___ ___________Dumb Shyt
BarAnswerSong Title
Eyes like a Chinamen, _____ ______ ____ ____ ___ ___ (2)Shoulda Brought the Rice Out
The Burley Boys in the _____ _________ ____Tiger Woods
Versace fork in the road, _ ____ ____ _____ ___Michelle Obama
I go coast to coast / ___ ______ ______ _____Versace French Toast
Now I'm in the laundromat, ______ _________Cuz My Gear
My left hand was an avalanche / My right hand, uh, _____ _____ ___ _ _______ ___Anaconda Remix
Daddy, what's ______ ____?Juice
Used to do coke with killas on my doorstep / Used to play football like ____ _______**** Em All
Oh you want bitches? Peep the driveway. / Looks like a ____ _______ ___ ______Bitches in My Driveway
High school I used to play sports / Then I got ___ ___ ____Mercedez
Headed back to the country / Rap game ______ ____Midnight Sprite
I don't want your girl cuz she look like ___ ____Deion Sandals
I don't want your damn daughter / She look like _____ _______Bong Hits
Now I'm in ___ _____ choppin' blocks with Lil YachtyNeon Derek Jeter
Right wrist Jacobs / _____ ____ JacobsMarc Jacobs
Might install a _______ _____ _______ right next to my codeine fountainI'm Too Much
30 bricks and ________ _____Now That I'm On
I can ball like Michael Jordan but I don't ____ __ _____Rich and Famous
Coogi traphouse, I smell ____ _____ / Coogi V12? Naw, Coogi baking soda.Coogi
You want some more beer? ____ __ _________Beer
Maybe Clark Kent, Imma pull up _______ ____James Bond Blimp
Mysterious / My mermaids are _________Lava Glaciers
But now it's payback, cherry black Maybach / Ah ****, look who it is, the white ______ ____White
Next year I'm in the movies / _______ ________Neato

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