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Leader of Muslim League and helped to created Pakistan
Introduced Communism to Russia. Passed NEP.
Final Solution. 6 million Jews dead, 12 million total.
Decolonization leader of Ghana
Econmic downturn in the 1920s
Leader of Iranian Islamic Revolution
Indian leader who went on Salt March. Decolonization
Latin American idea that combined socialism and catholocism
Leader of Soviet Union during 5 year plans and World War II
Leader of nationalists in China
Leader of Communist Cuba
Communist and decolonization leader in Vietnam
Internaitonal organization created after World War I
Defense pact led by USSR during Cold War
Mexican Painter
What Churchill said divided Europe during Cold War
Defense pact led by US during Cold War
China's attempt to eliminate the power of intellectuals and elderly
Crazy cowboy and a leader of Mexican Revolution
Area in whcih blakcs were forced to live in South Africa
Stalin and Mao's plan creating giant state run farms
Attempt for China to rapidly industrialize. Fail
Movement in Poland aimed to eliminate Soviet Control
Chinese leader who achieved victory during Civil War. Practice Communism
Leader of Egypt who pushed for Pan-Arabism
Leader of Chile, overthrown by CIA for nationalizing copper mines
Name for Devleoping nations with high poverty
Name for Latin American country controlled by foreign company
Last Leader of Soviet Union
Document created at end of Mexican Revolution
Gloabl interconnectedness following Cold War
Leader of anti-apartheid movement
President of US during 1980s. Pushed USSR to breaking point.
Type of artwork created in Soviet Union
Policies that allowed for Econmic and Political openess in Soviet Union

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